Ethereum price estimated 10 billion dollar transaction volume in flood - ETH has already thrown into the bottom? Source: TradingView The price of Ethereum has gained 9% in the last 24 hours and has increased to $ 1,689 as part of a market -wide rally caused by a short squeezing.means compensated for losses. While the jeton sees a 24 -hour transaction volume over 10 billion dollars , there is plenty of liquidity for more movement in the coming hours and days.It may be the beginning of the rally for a long time. Ethereum price estimated 10 billion dollar transaction volume in flood - ETH has already thrown into the bottom? ETH's indicators show that the medallion is really at the bottom and that it is in the midst of a strong rally with sufficient acceleration to continue. Especially the relative force index rose to 60, which shows the increasing print pressure, but also the excessive purchase of the coin.shows the fact that he did not do. Source: TradingView The basic resistance level to be followed here is $ 1,700. In a promising way, the 24 -hour volume of ETH rose less than 5 billion dollars during the weekend and increased over $ 13 billion in writing. This is a volume in which it was thrown from $ 1,400 per day from the beginning of January. Therefore, there is enough liquidity and positive volatility to feed more in the market in the coming hours and days. And as we have repeatedly mentioned, the foundations of ETH are one of the best positioned coins of riding a market -wide rally. For example, last week, the payment giant visa tested the USDC Stablecoin payments in the Ethereum block chain. Some experts went so far as to predict ETH that this year will perform better than Bitcoin, one of the highest sounds of Mike McGlone from Bloomberg. Other analysts estimate that ETH will be moved to $ 2,000 in the short-middle period. At the basic level, there are many reasons to suspect the continuous rise of Zear. Most importantly, merger and other final upgrades tended to be deflectiveist during peak activity periods. At the same time, ETH's newly discovered deflationist tendencies occurred by the fact that large investors took the getone out of the stock exchanges. In fact, the data compiled by centimeter has decreased by 37% , the total amount of ETH in the same period is 30% in the same period.shows that it falls. Considering that the joining sets Ethereum towards more scalability, we can only expect to strengthen its position as the largest layer-one network with total value.Currently, the entire crypto currency is 60% of the TVL of the ecosystem, and this will probably increase over time. The price of ETH in Paralle will also increase, and as the market reaches 2024, the highest level of all time will disturb the $ 4,878. Buy Ethereum now High Potential Alternatives to Ethereum Together with ETH, there are currently a number of other high potential Altcoins on the market. The list is updated weekly with new Altcoins and ICO projects, so make sure you check again for new entries. Waiver: Industry talc section contains insights of crypto industry players and is not part of the editorial content of