InnovationRx, weekly health news. to get it in your inbox. According to a report from IQVIA today, drug discovery has been the most common use of artificial intelligence in biopharmaceutical research and development over the past few years. The report identified 19 clinical studies between 2018 and 2022 in which artificial intelligence and machine learning played a role in the research phase. Although still early days, These technologies are expected to help accelerate drug development. More than half of the trials used AI to analyze complex datasets to optimize drug design. Other uses included identifying “medicationable” targets, precision patient targeting, and trial simulation. “Trials using [artificial intelligence and machine learning] will yield faster results at lower risk based on optimized drug properties and trial execution.” Staff Marketplace Nomad Health eliminates 17% of workforce Alexi Nazem, founder and CEO, Nomad Health.Nomad Health Nomad Health, a healthcare professional, laid off 17% of its corporate workforce last week as the increase in travel nurses and other temporary healthcare workers was fueled by the pandemic. “Nomad's leaders, starting with me, were very optimistic about our market trajectory. It means we are building our team for an economic reality that no longer exists,” co-founder and CEO Alexi Nazem wrote in an email to employees reviewed by Forbes. here. Deals of the Week Biotech Financing: Two biotech entrepreneurs - Zach Weinberg and Alexis Borisy - launched Curie.Bio this week to help founders launch therapeutic companies with less dilution in the early stages. The two have raised more than $500 million for their "release the founders" missions. . Inclusive Telehealth: TwentyEight Health has raised $8.3 million to deliver virtual care to medically underserved groups. Immunotherapy: Microbial immunotherapy company Prokarium has raised $30 million in a bid to develop a new treatment for bladder cancer. Considerable A fast-acting male contraceptive drug has shown promising results in mice, a discovery researchers described as a "game changer" that could pave the way for a male contraceptive pill. A medical delivery drone could make its first flight between two hospitals in northern England, part of a three-month trial, with up to 15 flights a day. Here's what you need to know about Marburg, the ly virus detected in Equatorial Guinea. Coronavirus updates According to a study published this week in Jama Network Open, a round half of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 reported persistent symptoms, financial problems, and fatigue six months after their hospital stay. increased from 67% per month to 75% 6 months after discharge in the 825 patient group stu. The number of patients reporting new or worsening fatigue was also greater at six months after discharge. More than 56% of patients spent all or most of their savings on use or necessities. reported financial problems for 6 months, including inability to pay. “Based on this data, many people hospitalized for Covid-19 have symptoms lasting six months or longer,” Andrew Admon, a University of Michigan pulmonologist and assistant professor, said in a statement. It looks like it has to wait.” Diabetes risk jumps after Covid infection, study finds Research states that COVID infections increase the risk of diabetes. AFP via A COVID-19 infection increases the risk of developing diabetes, according to a study published Tuesday in JAMA Network Open, which confirms previous research and highlights the long-term health risks posed by the virus. The findings also suggest that vaccination may help protect against the risk of diabetes after infection. is showing. here. Other Coronavirus News New York State this week lowered face mask requirements for healthcare and hospital facilities. One study suggests that inherited differences in antibody genes may help explain differences in how people's immune systems respond to COVID infections. against Forbes Founder of Goldman Sachs-backed tech company Slync charged with $67 million How the Tiktok ban works – and how Tiktok can fight Top 10 highest paid entertainers in the world What else are we reading Should Narcan spray be sold over the counter? Armed with hashtags, these activists have made insulin prices a presidential talking point Who is abandoning plans for the crucial second phase of the Covid-Origins Research