Following the severe popularity of the productive AI, which is heralded by platforms such as 2023, DALL-E and Chatgpt, there will be another Banger year for AI development. Since technology is gradually included in every technological application that is possible in apparently, AI Zeitgeist is far from reaching the summit;What developments are necessary to advance? Uri Eliabayev is the founder of Machine & Deep Learning, a community for AI consultant and professionals in the AI industry in Israel.He sat with Jerusalem mail. How much did the tone and character of the AI sector changed last year? “With the interest in Chatgpt, there has been a little change in the last few months. You can see that many people who are not interested in AI have started to ask questions in their daily work. You can see more companies that are not focused on technology.A few development achievements, which were not possible a year ago, can also see a few development successes that straighten everything." The latest explosions in the development of artificial intelligence have been achieved through the progress of natural language processing , which is a long -taking aspect of AI's cracking. What is the next aspect of AI development that can lead to next breakthrough? “The next stage is to make it more efficient, unprinted learning or controlled learning, because most of the achievements we see today have the additional description of the data labeling and data.The next stage is to develop these techniques to do much more work, because then you will not be limited to the amount of data additional description you have." Another important point of adhesion for the development of artificial intelligence is the explanation of AI's ability to “show his work”. Many experts interested in the ethical results of Yapay intelligence are an important step stone towards ethical artificial intelligence, because the developers will ensure that unwanted prejudices or plagiarism will not occur behind the scene.. Uri Eliabayev, AI Advisor and Machine & Deep Learning is the founder of Israel Is the appropriate explanation for the future of AI critical? “Explanation is very important, because if we do not do this correctly, people will not interact with AI. This is something that I see that it requires many arrangements. Lunctories are struggling because they do not always understand technology, but this is more vehicles to implement the explanation policy to data scientists and researchersSomething to be solved by giving."