After such a eventful year for the crypto currency industry, it lasts a lot in 2023 and we are looking forward to seeing some rights for the whole area.) Stablecoin constantly beating from unjust regulators, showing the crypto area in a visible location and reminds us that even if we want it to biz, the worst may not end. But we have a few things for us. We believe in decentralization that never disappoints us, and we have hope - we hope that the global economy will recover at the end of the global economy. As we approach our minds, we look forward to exploring new heroes and champions to move this live area to new peaks. Crypto and Blockchain Discover the Top 100 of Cointlegraph in 2023 And this year Cotelegraph Top 100 List this.Editor team tried to emphasize those who have created a noticeable effect on the industry, in some cases, both represents a little bit of everything.We even opened the voting list through a separate landing page of the community. Among all the boots trying to hit the results, there were some great suggestions we thought of. Thank you! Related: Cointlegraph's first 10 in Blockchain here, but why would anyone care? We thought it was important to talk about good contributions and bad contributions, so all crypto heroes and bad men narrative.It allows us to learn and re -evaluate it.The rise of a leading technology does not go without hiccups. We tried to be open to adopting these failures and showed how we could continue on our way to adopting blockchain and crypto technology globally. Another issue of great importance for the wonderful visual department in Cotelegraph was to make sure that this print would not be like the others previously.Considering the potential of artificial intelligence explosion explosion and creation process at last times to create backgrounds, it was our way to have dynamic paintings and say that people can still do better for now. While talking about AI, have you seen the best 100 profiles Chatgpt about which effect effect in 2023? And as a bonus, there was another profile the AI tool.We will explain the results there. We come to one third of the list and continue for a full week until it is announced, everyone will learn who is in the top.