“Today, there is not much except for the current account competition in the Euro zone calendar, and he ignored yesterday's comments from Pazar, ECB Dove, Fabio Panetta and prefers to move ECB in 25 BPS instead of 50 BPS increases.” “Two -year EUR/USD swap differential has returned to the last levels seen in mid -December.Unless you think it will finish nearly 50), that is, the EUR/USD may not have to fall much more. With this, we will say that the travel direction is the 1,0450/1,0500 zone for euro region companies that can be the most powerful dollar level of the year." The information on these pages contains forward -looking declarations containing risks and uncertainties. In this page, profile markets and tools are only for information purposes and in no way should you encounter as a suggestion to buy or sell in these assets.In the way, this information does not guarantee that this information is free of errors, mistakes or material mistakes. In addition, it does not guarantee that this information is in a timely manner. Investing in the markets in a timely manner.All risks, losses and costs associated with investment, including also, are your responsibility. The opinions and opinions expressed in this article are the views of the authors and the official policy or position of FXSTreet or advertisers does not reflect the official policy or position.will not be held responsible for information. If not otherwise specified in the body of the article, the author has no position in any stock specified in this article and has no business relationship with any company. Fxstreet and the author does not make personalized suggestions. The author does not make any declarations about the accuracy, integrity or suitability of this information.Except for negligence. Author and FXSTreet are not registered investment consultants and nothing in this article is designed as investment advice. Gotopnews.com