Fedml, a cooperative/federation machine learning and EDGE AI platform, which strengthens and connects the AI applications of communities anywhere on any scale, announced that it will establish a partnership with Theta Network to enable productive AI and content suggestion and advertising. Federated Learning is a solution to the concern of data sharing of data about the technologies that are increasingly trusting by modern society.In order to develop models, it is sometimes dependent on the major, central data sets of sensitive/private information to decide on the special communication of users for users' behavior. Fortunately, Fedml allows AI Technologies to use these personal data clusters without centralizing or transferring data.Learning without sharing ”) Provides machine learning from decentralized data on various nodes. Marketing Technology News: Spryker announced the best leadership movement Fedml CEO and founding partner Salman Avestimehr said, “The mission of Fedml is to tie and strengthen silos to cooperate with each other in the AI world .And it is compatible with the inclusive objective of blockchain systems.it needs immediately." The Edge network of Theta, which is operated by 10 thousand -central nodes worldwide, creates an excellent basis for the types of distributed information processes required for collaborative machine learning and AI usage., Models and Calculator Sources through large -scale cooperation and machine learning and the groundbreaking progress in AI naturally protect privacy and naturally enable them to maintain confidentiality. Marketing Technology News: Marech Interview with Croquet CEO John Payne Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs and founding partner, said, ız Our cooperation with Fedml opens a large use for EDGE nodes by activating distributed, global level and ML development.Theta Network's edge nodes will grow with them to provide trouble -free support for these state -of -the -art applications in the collaborative AI. ” This partnership focuses on strengthening two exciting use on the web3: Productive AI and Content Suggestion. In case of first use, Fedml, Fedml, on the data clusters of participatory users, on large -scale productive AI models In case of second use, Fedml provides Teta TV community members to contribute to their personal preferences and contributes to their personalized content suggestion and AI models for advertising and distribute AI models for advertising and an interdisciplinary team with privacy experts. Marketing Technology News: In the midst of a potential recession, keep the audience busy with your marketing in 2023 Gotopnews.com