NEW YORK - The public offering ceremony of the first pandemi years hit the Earth in 2022, but although it was plenty of care, there are potential 2023 rebounds. Last year, the US public offering market, according to Renaissance Capital, rose only $ 7.7 billion, a decrease of 95 percent from 2021 and the company has started to record data about companies that have been opened to the public 31 years ago. After the dramatic decline, the US federal reserve interest rate hikes and a route in the stock market, financial conditions came as tight. Although the concerns about the economy have not disappeared, the Wall Street was the first public offering buzz last week with two important agreements. Providing audience and software technology for the Solar Panel industry, Nextracker has collected $ 638 million with a share offer in Nasdaq and exceeded its original target up to 20 percent. During the same week, laser sensor manufacturer Hesai collected $ 190 million in the largest public offering by a Chinese company in 18 months. "There is still far below historical norms, but there is definitely a pickup," Renaissance Capital Senior data analyst Avery Spear."The risk last year was not something that people wanted to overcome, the public offering is a bit naturally risky." According to a Nasdaq spokesman, 293 companies are currently open to the public, registered with an increase of 39 percent compared to last year. In addition, other well -known companies are also considering offers, including the payment processing platform lane of 63 billion dollars in the near future, sports shopping giant fanatics ; and grocery distribution service Instacart . Mark Roberts, President of Capital Markets in the Blueshirt Group, said, Mark There are too many capital to be deployed Mark Roberts, the capital markets of Blueshirt Group. "But there will be more care and the bar is higher." Opportunity window? Roberts thinks that he will jump to the public offering world by one of the big companies who are thinking of opening the market to revive the market. Following the transition of the US Inflation Reduction Law in Congress, renewable energy companies are particularly well positioned for proposals with approximately 400 billion dollars of tax incentives, grants and loans dedicated to accelerating the passage of fossil fuels. Nextracker is an example of this trend, as is the most illuminable renewable energy listed in Israel's Tel Aviv Securities Stock Exchange but collected $ 252 million in Wall Street with a share offer last week. According to Roberts, "Fintech" companies, such as Strepe, who are trying to break the financial sector with a series of online services, also attract strong attention from investors. When IPO was seen as IPO cryptonite last year, technology companies pay more attention to being late, although there was no possibility of supreme values a few years ago. Spear said, "The sky we saw in 2021 high valuation floors, these are already gone.""Easy Money Period in this point in the rearview mirror." Stripe provides a little valuation from a poster child to a little up to 55 billion dollars recently and has gained a value of 40 billion dollars since the 2021 summit. Interest is particularly willing for a public offering of artificial intelligence, especially after the last launch of chatgpt's jumping chatbot. However, market observers are still waiting for a star to emerge. "I don't have a real -scale AI company ready to go because I'm aware of it."Said. Despite the recent signs of life, Cowen Finance President and CEO Jeffrey Solomon recently will not go full until the FED is convinced that the current ratio was made with a walk -on walking cycle. Moreover, "Market conditions can really change at only one penny," said Renaissance's spear. According to Roberts, the dominant perspective shows that the second half of 2023 will be more constructive in terms of export. But "There is a view of a minority that shows that the window can be opened for a month. So if you're a company that wants to go, maybe be ready to go in April or May." 2023 AFP