“Even if you don't like it like that”, non -alcoholic beverage is disappeared from the Lilt shelves. 54 -year -old Bhee Bellew, when he stopped doing the fashion house 15 years ago, began to stock his favorite Eau de Gucci perfume. For him, the smell has the power to move it back to your youth or special moments in his life. When he started to disappear from the grafts, he took five bottles. He rarely wears it until his last bottle. Bhee Bellew and Eau de Gucci perfume. “I am like a traveling time." Bellew, who lives in Oxford and works under the university administration, keeps the last bottle of clove -based smell in the original box to try to protect. “I use it not only to take it back to that time, but also to see how much I moved behind myself; it would be good at that time that he is worried about not knowing how your future will be. "I want to keep it up to the 80s and 90s and take it out and move it to my youth." When Bournville discovered that he added milk dust to his favorite chocolate ingredients, he had the taste rather than the smell that mobilized Juliette Totterdell in 2021.Totterdell began to squirrels of Dark Cadbury when he changed the ingredients and is not suitable for people with lactose tolerant like him. In 2019, he discovered Bournville.For years, the 25 -year -old child insisted on milk chocolate, so it was a revelation to find an option that did not break his stomach, although he made him sick. “There was a little and it had a great taste. I had the taste of Cadbury and I can eat 200G, without milk and without worrying,” he said. However, two years later he found that Cadbury added lean milk powder and that he was a line spark to buy the last remaining rods of the old stock. “I went to the supermarket and I bought about 20 of them and when I entered a corner shop, I was going to see if they were still old." Kurt Howard Framed with Brannigans Crisp Package.Fotography: Minakon Totterdell, who lives in Bristol, said the last of the reserve, "He's gone for a long time," but he added that even the last bar would want a tolerance without a lactose. Usually the longing of the products stopped is based on nostalgia. The corner shop favorite is commemorated within a picture of Kurt Howard's house in Nottingham. Rannigans chips were stopped by the KP in 2020.Among the flavors of the brand, there was an almost extremely powerful beef and mustard proposal. Howard's love was caused by taking them as a child. After seeing that they were stuck on the shelf for three years ago, he went to the internet. “I already saw that they were sold at quite high prices, so I bought 30 of them. They delivered 60 for a reason.The recipient asked me to send them back and I offered him to pay for them. ” He said that the last package was disappointed. Gotopnews.com