To share: Silver price is renewed at low levels of 11 weeks on the five -day loss line. 100-DMA fault, decrease Macd signals prefer vendors at very low levels. Excessive RSI emphasizes tips on the corrective leap, 200-DMA, $ 20.00 in key support. Silver Price has a lower surface of a 2.5 -month base surrounding $ 21.45 in the early hours of Friday morning in Europe. In addition to breaking 100-DMA, the bright metal renewed a lot of tips from decreasing Macd signals. With this, the extremely sold RSI conditions proposing a limited negative room for XAG/USD. As a result, the $ 21.00-DMA level puts a short-term floor below the silver price. In a case where XAG/USD has fallen below $ 21,00, the convergence of the previous resistance line from March 2022 and there will be a hard nut for silver sellers near the psychological magnet of $ 20.00 from last September. It should be noted that the weakness of $ 20.00 of the proposal makes it vulnerable to test the previous annual bottom marked in September at approximately $ 17.55. Alternatively, the XAG/USD rebound remains difficult unless it exceeds the 100-DMA level close to a tour of $ 22,00. Following this, 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci withdrawal of metal between March and September 2022 may act as additional up filters for the monitoring of silver buyers close to $ 22.30 and $ 23.35.Its level is acting as the last defense of XAG/USD Bears. Silver Price: Daily Graphic Trend: limited disadvantage is expected