Rome - Italy opposed European plans to prohibit the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars in 12 years, and the Transport Minister Matteo Salvini called "suicide" and "gift" to the Chinese industry. The rules approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday will require a 100 percent deduction in CO2 emissions from new cars sold until 2035, which will make it impossible to sell vehicles working with new fossil fuel in 27 countries blocks. This plan has hosted brands, including Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, where the automobile industry is still focused on combustion technology. "We all care about water, air quality and a cleaner environment ... But it doesn't mean to lay these millions of workers and close thousands of jobs."Said. "The ideological fundamentalism of electricity is suicide and a gift to China." Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister, said there was a need for more time and more financing to provide a smooth transition. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said that Rome will try to dilute the target of Rome before. Tajani, "Italy will reveal its own offer: it gave the chance to limit the reduction to 90 percent, to adapt to the industries." According to Automotive Association ANFIA's data, the local automotive industry employ more than 270,000 workers directly or indirectly and constitutes more than 5 percent of the country's gross domestic product. According to Anfia, full -electric car sales fell by 27 percent in Italy last year and made up only 3.7 percent of the total new car records. EU countries accepted the agreement on the prohibition of thermal motor cars in October last year, but it still needs to form a rubber stamping before putting the rules into force.