Barclays wants to direct the growth of the new generation of work with the application of an investment and working capital platform in the trade book. The Bank signed a three -year technology agreement for corporate customers to provide quick and easy access to working capital. Today, Barclays announced that Ledger has developed a working capital proposal by investing and implementing the new generation of working capital regulatory platform. Business capital financial solutions such as invoice discount, asset -based lending and selected debtor financing are key loan solutions for businesses and lenders during growth and decline.. By applying the trade book platform, Barclays will allow customers to unlock the cash flow in accordance with the working capital and rapid access.Centered participation and credit management will offer user experience. James Binns, Head of Global Trade and Business Capital of Barclays, said “Businesses now need to access more reliable, flexible financing than ever. Investing and implementing the commercial book platform, using real -time data drawn from various rich sources and strong workflows, faster and faster and faster and more credit decisionsThis will allow us to get more efficiently. This will cause faster money by reducing financing costs in supply chains with great benefits for our corporate banking customers and their support communities." Martin McCANN, CEO of Trade Ledger and founding partner, said ız Our duty to create a world in which each enterprise takes the capital that needs to develop is the key to our strong working partnership with Barclays.We are happy to rely on our business vision. When we won Barclays Open Innovation Challenge with Barclays, we have returned to 2018, and since then we have worked with the bank's leadership team to determine the fields of the bank where the Bank can be applied to provide the Bank's debt value.processes."