The disadvantage is that the level of ¥ offers a lot of support because it is a large, round, psychologically important figure and some actions in the past. I believe that the 170 ¥ level below is an important short -term “market”.The market will continue to see more of this “buy from the wave” mentality, so I think we have a situation where this market can only be long and it is impossible to shorten. Remember that the interest rate difference between 2 currencies is quite harsh and of course it will attract too much money to the British pound for the “transportation”, which is currently returning to fashion. Wait too much volatility, but this is not something new for the couple. It tends to be too noisy and therefore you need to be careful about dimensioning position and admit that you may need to get out of a significant amount of volatility.I think, so I look very similar to a beach ball that is kept under water because it will explode when it is broken on the resistance. Take a look at our economic calendar to take a look at today's economic activities.