Good news for anyone who continues to buy one of the best OLED TVs - Premium panel technology seems ready to become much cheaper the following year. A new report made by market analysts in DSC, said the efficiency and efficiency of OLED TV panel factories should further reduce production costs in the coming months , ie the price of TVs may fall. The report states that production costs per 55 -inch OLED panel should be reduced by approximately 20%.Compared to a similar decline for production costs in 2024.The estimated costs seem a bit stable for 2025-26, but there will be revisions as they approach time. Next year, when we will really see the effects of it - prices will fall throughout this year, that is, the TVs made in the new year will benefit the most from autumn. In a sense, transform into this normal, because production costs actually increased for OLED panel manufacturers in 2022, while many people raised their TV. And if we are not sure that every saving dollar will be transferred to consumers, it is a good news for those who are after a high quality OLED screen waiting for the prices to fall sufficiently. OLED TVs have gradually become cheaper in the last few years, buying an OLED for a three -digit total no longer seem to be a shocking discount.Some disappeared-for example, this year, the United States and the UK LG A2 has no successor. So we hope that this will bring back price decreases and budget purchases. QD-OLD becomes even more competitive Better news for OLED fans is that Samsung's opponent QD-OLED TV panel technology should expect the company to fall at cost as it increases the production of the company. DSCC estimates that 65-inch QD-OLED panels will decrease by 30% at costs and the higher total efficiency will decrease by 30% at costs as the processes develop-they will be much more based on the cost of each panel. Samsung QD-OLED panels are currently more expensive than normal OLED panels, so the likes of Samsung QN95C TV is very premium-but this can help bright and beautiful quantum dot panels approach middle class prices.