As a result, everything is about the federal reserve liquidity, and the merchants still bet the Fed to enter and liquefy as quickly as possible later this year, so they are all about this narrative.You are starting to hear a common theme between their calls. In other words, it is the last narrative, and therefore you start to see that everyone is trying to use the market higher when it comes to CEOs. The market is very important just above the 50 -day EMA, and I think this will probably continue to be in the short term at least in the short term.You must be a little cautious and of course you struggle to go below 4000 levels unless there is nothing hard. Every thing is equal, I think this continues to see too much noisy behavior, so you can't marry a certain position and of course you should be very agile., because they may not be as strong as the index itself because it is guided by only a handful of stocks. Take a look at our economic calendar to take a look at today's economic activities.