Beijing, May 26 - China Eastern Airlines, the first customer of the country's own narrow -bo jet C919, will launch the first commercial flight of the aircraft on Sunday on Friday. The C919 flight will leave the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 1045 at Beijing with the MU9191 flight number and arrive at Beijing Başkent Airport at 1310. The C919's commercial operation points to a milestone in his hopes that the country will break the long-standing Airbus-Boeing duo in the world's airline manufacturing industry. Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX Make many flights by Commercial Aviation Corp of China to compete with single -corridor Jet families. China Eastern said in a statement on Thursday, C919'un "in the near future" will be operational and the aircraft will be commercially operated with the main base Shanghai, he said.The airline did not respond immediately to the request for comments on Friday. On Tuesday, the Shanghai stamp collection company said that a promotional stamp will be held to commemorate C919's first flight on Sunday. China Eastern signed a contract for five C919 in March 2021 in the first commercial agreement of the aircraft.The Shanghai-based airline received its first C919 with B-919a in December and started a 100-hour blank aircraft verification test flights. China's Xinhua State News Agency said last year's C919's first commercial flight in the spring. It has a two -class cabin layout consisting of 164 -seat aircraft, business and economic seats. Although C919 is mounted in China, largely In Western components, including motors and avionics Companies like GE , Saffron and Honeywell International . Albee Zhang, Sophie Yu and Brenda Goh's report;Fiction by Jacqueline Wong and Gerry Doyle Our standards Thomson Trust Principles.