SİNGAPER - The dollar approached the highest level of two months against its major peers on Friday, and a third -week gain on expectations that US interest rates may remain higher than expected at the beginning. The tremor on the debt ceiling negotiations between US President Joe Biden and the highest-level congress Republican Kevin McCarthy continued to throw a shadow on the market sensation just a week after the government's name before the "X-Date" on June 1. Greenback remained in early Asian trade and sat in 140.23 YEN in the previous session, 139.82 Yen, the highest since November. The US Dollar Index rose to 0.05% lower, and the highest level of two months on Thursday exceeded 104.31. The index increased by 1% for the week, the third -week gain, because traders increased their expectations in the United States of the United States. "The latest moves in currencies were mainly directed by the sharp reproduction of FOMC policy," Australian Commonwealth Bank currency.Said. According to the CME Fedwatch vehicle, the money markets are currently pricing about 52% of the chance to achieve a 25 -based score increase at the next month policy meeting compared to the Federal Reserve's chances of 36%. The expectations of the Fed will begin to reduce rates this year. The data released on Thursday showed that the number of Americans who made new demands for unemployment aid was lower than expectations last week to 229,000, moderately 229,000. The British Pound and the Euro fought against the stronger dollars, the sterling edge rose to $ 0.04% higher $ 1.2326, but still headed for a 1% weekly loss. The euro has changed little from $ 1,0724, standing with a hit close to the lowest level of two months in the previous session. The only currency was weighed, confirming that the largest economy of Europe entered the stagnation of Germany in the beginning of 2023. Debt Ceiling Standoff, China's rescue theses The US dollar also received some support from the ongoing nerves on debt ceiling negotiations. Mayor Biden and Parliament Speaker McCarthy said that on Thursday, a US official would increase the debt ceiling for two years while spending most of the articles other than military and veterans. "Although the probability of a technical default is very low, it seems significantly higher than the past debt ceiling stances," Bny Mellon Investment Management's investment analysis of investment analysis said, "Said. "Political brinkcmanship goes down to his wire, immediately adds uncertainty." The Australian dollar fell more than $ 0.6490 for more than six months and was further pressure by China's difficult economic recovery. "For China, the near -term data will remain very weak for China and will continue to indicate a soft consumption healing.""This will be another weight to Aussie." The Australian dollar is generally used as a liquid proxy for China Yuan. The kiwi rose to $ 0.6068 with an increase of 0.11%, but at the beginning of this week, the New Zealand Reserve Bank was stunned by stunning the markets, and after September, it was directed for more than 3% loss since September. The Central Bank increased its 25 BPS rate by 5.5%in more than 14 years at the policy meeting. By Rae Wee