Mumbai With the decrease in the pandema, death demands for insurance companies decreased.The insurance giant LIC saw that death compensation demands have fallen more than one third.The company paid 560 Crore for demands from Covid deaths in 23 MY compared to last year's 2,112 RS - a decline of over 73 %.HDFC Life Insurance saw that death claims fell to 4,176 RS at 23 MY with a decrease of 28 %.Icıcı Prudential Life Insural's death demands fell to 3,461 RS in the same period by decreasing 38 %, while the SBI Life fell to 3,212 RS with 42 %drop.LC, the previous year, 35,720 RS general death allegations decreased by 34 %decreased to 23,423 RS in MY23.In terms of the number of policy holders, the allegations of COVİD-death decreased from 77.222 to 23 in the 23rd City Year last year and fell to 22,526.Some of the damage impact on these companies were absorbed by reinsurance companies that raised rates on 22 MY due to higher deaths.On Friday, LIC announced that his net profit increased nine times to 36,397 RS compared to RS in 23 MY.4,043 Crore in the previous year.This increase was due to a change in the accounting policy that transfers 27.241 R Crore of the increase in the current payment power margin of LIC from the non -participation fund to the account of the shareholders.In his presentation, LIC said The difference between the protection deficit - the necessary life insurance protection and the maturity guarantee sold - was one of the highest economies with 83 %.The unattended fund of the LIC is more than the income obtained from the represented returns to the policy holders.Since these are unattended policies, the surplus is accepted as the funds of the company that is entitled to the current payment power margin equivalent to the legal capital requirement of the banking.LIC President Siddhartha Mohandy declined in a conference meeting on Thursday, due to problems related to the taxation of a high -valuable policies and a decrease in a few months of first year due to the decrease in the group business, which has experienced some decline in the fourth quarter.Only the big ticket for optics, "he said. LIC officials said that the company was careful in the annual payment business of the company because there are signs that interest rates will fall.It has risen to the RS and is currently standing in the RS 5.82 Lakh Crore. The most important contribution to the increase of 41,577 RS came from relaxation that expresses the dissolution of the discount rate . In other words, these are the expected returns.