Diamond White, Walt Disney "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur" at the premiere ... [+] Burbank, California on February 4, 2023. Marvel and Disney's actress and singer Diamond White, who played the role of the title in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, did not see the cartoon characters that resembled her while growing up.It was important. “There is a section that took the first perm about Lunella , and it was something I brought to this team and 'Hey, I have a list of all of these things that I have lived or experienced as black, can we include some of them?'And they,' Yes! 'They were like. “And this section about hair really appeared.” Many Disney's Marvel -based animation series, such as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, are directed not only to children but also for the whole family. Diamond said, “A very beloved family in the show,” he said. “While watching the show, I saw the first two or three episodes and said, 'Wow, this is really a family show, not just for children.Okay, this would be a really good show '. White, who played in “Paris Buckingham ında in“ Paris Buckingham ”for more than 200 episodes in Bold and Beautiful, jumped for the opportunity, because like many actors who have been free of the last decade, he was curious about playing a superhero, I am not talking about the smartest.. "Who doesn't want to be a superhero!"This is something that I associate very much. Burbank, California - February 04: Raphael Saadiq, Pilar Flynn, Laurence Fishburne, Fred ... [+] Tatascorere, Diamond White, Gary Anthony Williams, Steve Loter and Rodney Clounden Red Carpet Pro -Culp Permiyeri participated in the activity.Branded television and Marvel's "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur", Burbank on February 04, 2023 at Walt Disney Studios in California. “And the fact that I also show something for my 7 -year -old self, this is something that attracts me to this character.” White, who made the first big break tour with purple play without taking an acting lesson, knew that if he went well with the show, he could have more opportunities to describe Lunella. Can we see a Moon Girl animated or CGI animation feature? " passed my mind, I do not know whether they have passed the mind of higher exits in Marvel or Disney, but you know, there is a girl who can do here." Gotopnews.com