The flash of an auction was the flash .There were many studios and filmmakers fighting in the trenches - Paramount, Lionsgate, Amazon - but it was a new line that won it. In early February, Brouhaha showed the warm line of Zach Cregger, the filmmaker behind the horror Hit Barbar last year, and this cost 4.5 million dollars and then made more than $ 40 million for the 20th century studios.It is connected to the production officer with its partner Roy Lee and Scott Glassgold, who created and develop the project. Cregger's third project, which will be established in a few weeks, is extremely unusual for a Neofit filmmaker, but is repeated by CAA, artists and Jackoway Austen. At the beginning of the year, Cregger, New Line won and the filmmaker to write and direct the follow -up of 10 million dollars to write a crazy auction to win the horror tension weapons after days.He entered the Companion, a sci -fi thriller film he will produce. Two projects came with automatic green lights and is expected to shoot this summer. Before this moment, Cregger was in the comedy game as the founding partner of the comedy group. He also took part in a comedy called Wrecked on three seasons TBS. Thanks to its unique structure and many bends, Barbar was rejected by almost every production asset in Hollywood in some cases. However, the film was a hit with audiences and critics and other producers and managers who want to be in Cregger business. “The capital, and then it was level, or says a rival manager in the studio. The new line, the first, is excited to be in the developing Cregger business. New Line's president and CCO Richard Brenner said, “If I had just seen Barbar, it would be enough for me to bet with Zach's long and impressive career.Lock." A version of this story was first released in the February 15 issue of Hollywood Reporter.