The Netflix series and Jewish matchmaking attract great attention among the audience, some may wonder the difference between a Sefarad and Ashkenazi Jews.Every religion has a wide range of traditions and historical traditions that help make it unique.The audience will now have the chance to learn some insights about what makes Judaism so magical. Aleeza Ben Shahalom is leading this new by -product of Indian Matchmaking, which was premiered in 2020.He is a matchmaker who travels between the United States and Israel, trying to find Jewish single life friends.Aleezea's frame must help to transition from single or single husband to husband and wife.In addition to fabricated abbreviations, Aleeza finds a way to win both viewers and customers.In every scene, Aleeza does not forget to ask every potential customer in the hope of finding a good friend. Screen Video of the Day Scroll to Continue With Content Jewish matchmaking - What does Sefarad mean? In a Jewish matchmaking section, the audience was introduced to David Behar, who founded Miami Sefarad Club.He was very proud of his legacy that led the audience to want to learn more.The word "Sefarad", translated into Spain in Hebrew, descends from the Jews living in Spain and Portugal through USC.Unfortunately, these grandchildren lived in Spain in the later centuries of the Roman Empire until the end of the 15th century. Jewish matchmaking - What does Ashkenazi mean? As a Jewish matchmaker star Dani Bergman, Ashkenaz Jews come from France, Germany, and Eastern Europe.The word Ashkenaz comes from the Hebrew "Ashkenaz" word used to express Germany.Most American Jews fall into the Ashkenazi category because they are grandchildren of migrants from Eastern Europe.This number was more than the Holocaust. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SEFARAD AND ASKENAZ The difference between Ashkenazi and Sefarad Jews is primarily based on its historical origins.Ashkenazes are different from Sephardim in terms of Hebrew pronunciation and cultural traditions.Both interpret the Jewish law slightly differently.For example, during the festival of FISIH, the Jews of Sefarad could eat rice and corn, while Ashkenazi Jews will avoid these foods.Another difference is that while Ashkenazi Jews do not give the name of their relatives, Sefarad Jews will give their children the name of their grandfather and grandfather.This may be a reason why Dani and David do not have a good match. What is Flexidox? According to Aleezea on Jewish Garipper, "Flexidox" is a term used by many young Jews to describe the current religious practices.The term describes some of the clients such as Fault Brazel, who follow only some of Jewish laws and do not present themselves as Orthodox.According to Aleezea, all Jews are part of the same tribe even if you fulfill Kosher or other foods. Source USC