Wes Anderson is working on a very different story from what he presented in the past, and now SearchLight Pictures released new character posters for his latest project Asteroid City.Since he seems to want to work with him at least once in his careers, he is used to making community castings with some of the biggest names in the industry for his productions. Today's new posters can get an idea of who they will see on the big screen when Anderson's new adventure starts. Striking video of daytime shifting to continue the content The film, which was mentioned in 1955, is followed by a young Stargazer congress that organizes a young Stargazer congress designed for recreation, recreation and comedy and drama shows. Everyone is preparing to enjoy the event held in the fictional town where the film took place, but the probability of foreign life in Asteroid City will change..Hemet will quickly intervene to investigate what the small town has discovered and will affect the lives of citizens who try to pass only through their own routines. The interesting twist of the film is that the people in it is part of a game created in a controlled environment posing as a small town. Anderson to distinguish the fertility on the stage, Anderson pulled the series that the actors did not perform in black and white and made up something easy for the audience to talk about the characters.. Two different truths come together in a new story about a group of people who create a fantasy world where unknown can be discovered. 3 Focus Properties on Focus Properties on Focus Properties via Focus Properties on Picture Image Closed Related 'Asteroid City' with this worldwide pop-ups in this world A Wes Anderson movie was made in theaters for the last time Before focusing on creating the story that will take place in Asteroid City, Anderson was busy with a very different community staff during the construction of an anthology film in which a magazine editor , but after the explanation of four articles should be published.It was a permanent threat behind the different stories that focused on the background of the four pieces that the character wanted to write after going. Before the film is opened in theaters on June 16, you can browse the new character posters from the above Asteroid City and watch the trailer below Gotopnews.com