It's hard to imagine now, but in the early 90s, the former leader of The Jam and The Style Council, Paul Weller, the top voice of a generation and one of the biggest songwriters since Lennon and McCartney, found himself unrecorded. deal and not sure if he will make music again. 1992'The extraordinary second revival hit, which started with his first solo album in the past, produced a working group in which the seventeen studio albums overshadowed the sum of their old bands. Here, MOJO lists and ratings each of the albums that make up one of the richest solo careers in modern music. 17. Studio 150 V2, 2004 The release of a cover album by one of the most talented songwriters produced by this country showed that Paul Weller's creative waters began to dry in the early 20s. Studio 150 provided an interesting look at Weller's record collection , but at moments like the following, a walk like lead in Wishing On A Star, you can't escape the impression of an artist who creatively processes water. A change would come. 16. Lighting Independent, 2002 Illumination won Weller his first number one album in England in the 2000s, but he found it when he wasn't sure where he was and what he had to do. The lead single It's Written In The Stars was perfect, a horn-sampled neo-psychic spirit stew that returned to the acting of his solo debut ten years ago, but elsewhere surprises and unforgettable melodies were minimal. Weller first worked as a producer with Simon Dine from Noonday Underground, so six years later it was important to establish a creative partnership to help the extraordinary creative rebirth of 22 Dreams. 15. jawbone Parlofon, 2017 The music of the 2017 boxing movie Jawbone, which is by far the most abstract and experimental recording of Weller's entire career, skillfully fulfills its summary. The expanded-toned poems here were great exercises to create tension and atmosphere, whereas two traditional songs that fixed it - the beret Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe and rueful Bottle - are now public with their obsolete voice, they were skillfully selected acoustic tricks. the sound that tells the struggle of the main character of the movie with real pity. 14. Sun-centered Island, 2000 There was a three-year gap between Heavy Soul and Heliocentric's cocaine and drink boom, and the mood here was largely a sorrowful thought take dust and breathe a little to benefit your own mental health above all. Written as a tribute to Ronnie Lane, He's The Keeper was in a vein similar to Wild WoodStanley Road's highly successful retro rock, however, Heliocentric was a plaque largely made up of a quieter mix of pastoral folk and ballads. Frightened, led by the audible piano, revealed his insecurities more clearly than ever, Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea was a cheerful Faces-y cashier for her children, and There's No Drinking, After said the importance of Your Dead's almost Jam-like vortex. Living while still living the life given to us . It was his last recording with a long-term obstacle, not solid but spectacular, Brendan Lynch suggests that his feet are once again itchy. 13. Sonic Kicks Island, 2012 Sonik Kicks was the third and last album with producer Simon Dine after the amazing volte-face of 22 Dreams and Mercury candidate Wake Up The Nation. Again, the songs were largely written in the studio and were based on sound beds, specimens and cuts rather than the more traditional single man and his acoustic approach. Although its origins were experimental , including The Attic's sci-fi doo wop, He vomited some of the most agile pop songs in years. and Blur-like That Dangerous Age, where he made fun of his own perceived middle age crisis. It was another step in an energetic and fun, ongoing purple patch. 13. Saturn Pattern Parlofon, 2015 Simon Dine was out for Weller's 12th studio album, would he go with the sonic experimentation he just discovered? The mind-blowing Led Zeppelin, who attacked acid on the opener White Sky, is nothing to do, no. Recorded with the crazy psychedelic production duo Amorphous Androgynous, this album launched an album that balances a stoner's love for sonic tickling and experimental textures with meaty, emotional songwriting and musical power. Even if it enters the far corners of the universe, it never happens at the expense of a melody. Trad rock history and rule book fragmentation is the perfect bridge between today. 11th. A Gentle Revolution Parlofon, 2017 Weller initially set out to explore some of the regions mapped on Saturn's Model for follow-up, but landed entirely elsewhere. A Kind Revolution is back on the planet Earth, but the mix of kind hopping sound and style was everything but adventure. Hopper's breeze, a tribute to the US painter Edward Hopper, was a prominent piece, such as the charm of the One Tear's Café Del Mar rhythm, where Boy George was in the back vocal. But the heart of the album was the emotional The Cranes Are Back, a warm piano bale that greeted the hope and rejuvenation of restart. Perhaps the only constant thing in Weller's ever-changing career. 10. As Now V2, 2005 Looking back, we can see that Weller, as 2005 is Now, draws a line under the first part of his solo career before moving to more adventurous musical waters. But at that time he spoke like a rejuvenated man. Lythe Blink And You Miss It, the powerful HadiHadi Go and the Dr Feelgood-like pub rock front overlooking your face of From The Floorboards Up burned with a fire that many assumed was already extinguished. As with The Jam's farewell song The Gift, if he was going to look for time in an era, he would do it in style. 9. Fat Pop Polidor, 2021 Like most of us, Paul Weller hated isolation. He sat at home and couldn't tour his perfect new album , he did what he spent most of the last ten and a half years and wrote and recorded like a bastard. His summary for Fat Pop was "old money pop songs", and his creative extravagance created a shame of three and a half minutes of wealth. It is Weller's pure love of music, rather than anything we encounter here. From all lanes. For example, Testimony could have been an exciting funk and soul statement of the 70s, but the opener Cosmic Fringes could almost be classified as techno pop . Meanwhile, the title song was a love song, especially about the only continuous partner in Weller's life "Who cares if no one cares?". The first volume in the title of the album suggested provocatively that there could be much more about where it came from. 8. at sunset Polydor, 2020 The opening track of Paul Weller's 15th studio album is a seven and a half minute collage that moves from happy new age pop to disco, chopped field records, hoarse techno and humble G funk, no matter what made him think. He was putting his tea at Black Barn Studios in Woking, having a feast. Although the album is still number one in the UK, The global epidemic understandably extinguished the wind of On Sunset somehow, and overshadowed that this was the most emotional and downright cowardly example since Weller's days at The Style Council. . The album's name perfectly summarizes the mood here listening to On Sunset made it feel like driving along the beach while hitting the sun from head to toe, the sun and playing music. Ironically, your album is on the market