Everyone is excited about the film critic of Quentin Tarantino's latest film The film critic.According to the view, similar to Tarantino's other projects, this will revive some aspects of history while inspiring time zones and real people. The director head, the film critic in 1977 in California, "And he really lived, but never really famous, and he would write film reviews for a porn cloth.He came from his job. “All other things were very scanned to read, but then there was this porn diaper with a really interesting movie page.” Striking video of daytime shifting to continue the content The director wants to protect the name of the magazine and his author under the author, but in his film, the magazine will be called 'Popstar Pages'.”He also explained his writings by saying,“ If he was a film critic between Early Howard Stern and Travis Bickle [Robert Daniro's character in the taxi driver]. Quentin Tarantino Related Quentin Tarantino Themed Graphic Novel explained that the director celebrated his birthday [Special] Tarantino's film critic will be a new leading man While describing the film column as “Think about the daily entrances of Travis ,, he elaborated,“ But the porn cloth critic was very funny.Very rude, you know.He used blasphemy.He used racial blur.But he used his . It was really funny.He was as rude as hell.”The filmmaker has finished his research and next month“ I will return in Los Angeles to start pre -production before production, and then I want to see who else is there ”. For the upcoming feature, the director will cooperate with a young actor, because Tarantino explained that the original critic was “as if he was 55 years old, but he was in the middle of the mid -30s..”Naturally, frequent collaborators such as Tarantino's Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt will not be seen at the beginning of this feature. For the film critic, the date of publication was not determined. Gotopnews.com