The word 'family' is somewhat overused in the Fast & Furious dialogue, but that's not a bad thing as fans often find it fun and cute to have Dominic "Dom" Toretto and his crew watch each other's backs. According to them, family consists of relatives and people who help each other to complete tasks. Top 10 Fast and Furious Actors Most of the quotes featuring family are by Dom, and given how he sometimes puts the word into random scenarios, fans have found it appropriate to make dozens of memes. Most of them are hilarious as they both make fun of absurd franchise concepts and serve as references to other parts of pop culture. CBR VIDEO OF THE DAY SWIPE TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT 10 Family Is More Important Than Gravity via Twitter The Fast and the Furious movies have been consistently ridiculed for their gravity-defying scenes. Fast Xeven has a moment when Dom descends a vertical dam wall to avoid colliding with two oil tankers. Other installments in the series include scenes such as Dom being thrown off a bridge to save Letty and a car speeding through 3 different skyscrapers. Thus the meme sums up the disregard for the laws of Physics in the series. The first part of the phrase is taken from an excerpt in Fast Five where Brian O'Connor yells at Dom after crossing a bridge. The second part is pure fabrication and seems like something Dom would say. 9 T-Rex Isn't A Threat When It's Family via reddit After Fast & Furious took to space, there are rumors that it's diving deep into sci-fi, and there's no better way to do it than by involving dinosaurs. After all, most of the ideas revolving around racing and robberies have already been covered. Fast and Furious Main Characters Ranked by Growth Throughout the Movie That's why one Reddit user thinks that, no matter how incredibly powerful and dangerous the dinosaur is, Dom won't hesitate to take on the T-Rex. While Dom's words in the meme might make him seem delusional, he's probably right as in the Jurassic Park series the average Joes can run circles around dinosaurs, but his own team isn't even close to average. via Twitter Looking at the trajectory of the Fast & Furious franchise, transitions seem inevitable—even if some of them may never happen. Some fans have imagined what it would be like for Dom to meet Hela, one of Marvel's most powerful gods. Thor's villain only respects other gods, so Dom has the perfect answer if he tries to imply that he's just a mortal. Dom's presence in the meme is appropriate because it shows his distaste for Hela not working with Thor, but they are brothers. As the god of the 'family', this is a great sin for him. It's also funny that Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger fell from the sky, as the car has been seen making dangerous jumps multiple times in the series. 7 Dom Is Ready To Help John Wick via Twitter One of the best hand-to-hand fighters, John Wick rarely had trouble chasing bad guys, but Dom would gladly help him out. The meme reminds me of how enthusiastic the character is for teamwork, he has proven this time and time again. It will certainly be interesting to watch a team-building between two popular heroes, given the different skill sets. While Wick is a great all-round fighter, Dom is all about speed and will do his best to make sure no criminals escape. 6 Dom's Priorities Are Clear via Twitter None of the thousands of movie heroes has such clear priorities and principles as Dominic Toretto. He only cares about successful heists and spending time with those who matter to him. Family is so important to him that if he is going to subscribe to a service that provides exclusive content, it should appeal to his social tastes. Fast & Furious Heroes Can't Be Trusted 10 Times From another angle, the meme confirms that Dom cares more about his loved ones than anyone who respects him. He may be one of the most popular fictional characters in the world, but all that doesn't make him as happy as his family. 5 Dom Trusts His 'Family' Against Chitauri via Twitter In the first Avengers movie, Loki invades Earth with the help of the Chitauri, one of Marvel's most iconic alien races. The creatures are powerful and ugly enough to scare anyone, but Dom, always a confident and brave hero, is unlikely to be frightened in the face of the new threat. Logically, Dom's team is unlikely to deal with an extraterrestrial race that nearly took down the Avengers, but Dom is expected to be confident as they've never let him down before. Besides that, the meme shows the difference between Loki and Dom. Unlike the villain who continues to fight with his brother Thor, the Fast & Furious hero values ​​every friend and relative. 4 SpongeBob Got Everything Wrong via Twitter SpongeBob and Patrick have one of the best friendships on Nickelodeon, so for SpongeBob and Patrick the letter F can only represent one thing. As for Dom, he couldn't be expected to have the same opinion, so the meme pretty much sums up what would have happened if he had been in the same setting as the popular cartoon character. For Dom, close friends still fall under 'family'; therefore, no other word is needed to refer to them. Given his physique and assertiveness, he could easily force SpongeBob to do things his own way rather than negotiate with him about him. What's more, Dom is the type of person known for doing his will, as evidenced in heist planning meetings where the team often follows his lead. 3 Dom Doesn't Care About Being Force-Sensitive via reddit In Star Wars, Force-sensitive individuals can use the Force to sense, control, and change things. In addition, Force-sensitive individuals have abilities ranging from illusion to breath control, allowing them to survive dangerous situations. It's clear that Dom doesn't have such powers since he's not part of the sci-fi series, but that doesn't deter him. Fast & Furious Top 7 Competitors, Ranked Thanks to his conspiracy armor, Dom tends to survive whatever dangerous situation he finds himself in, so there is great doubt that he will make it across the galaxy without a scratch. And if he finds the challenge too difficult, he has people he can call at any time to help him. 2 Dom Loves Incredibles via Twitter No doubt Dom will be easily influenced by a family of superheroes working together to save the world and each other. In Incredibles, Mr. Incredible's family team up to save him after he is trapped by Syndrome. It was the kind of thing Dom and his family had done for each other for centuries. The declarations of love among the members of The Incredibles also mirror those of the Toretto team. Members always make a point to remind each other how much they value each other from time to time. Such a habit helps keep the bond strong. Open declarations of love also make the team so admirable that many other members have happily given up on their own goals to be a part of the team. 1 Dom Calms Batman via Twitter During Batman's fight with Superman in Dawn of Justice, Batman gets furious when Batman asks him to save Martha. This is because Martha is the name of Bruce Wayne's mother, who was ed years ago. At that point, it makes no sense that Clark Kent's stepmother was also named Martha. Regarding family matters, there is no one who can clear up the confusion better than Dom. Therefore, the meme sees Batman explaining that his mother and Superman's mother share a name and therefore there is no need to be angry about anything. Given his authoritative nature, there's no doubt that Batman will listen to him. NEXT 9 Most Disliked Fast and Furious Characters