French director Catherine Breillat breaks taboos during her career and the new Cannes Palme d’Or contestant last summer is not an exception. The erotic thriller Film Lea Drucker, as a family lawyer specializing in child protection, with a forbidden relationship with 17 -year -old step son Theo with destructive consequences. The film was taken warmly in Cannes, which started a long -lasting applause on Thursday evening. Breillat addressed a provocative plan at a press conference for the film on Friday, saying that the first relationship between Anne and Theo was “pure love .. “I think when they fall in love, unconscious, a kind of happiness, there is a kind of poisoning. Drucker said that his character was managed by Breillat and other actors to interpret his character's actions without judging or condemning ”. “Knowing that I was working with Catherine, I was ready to get inspiration from his character, I allowed him to move on the very singular world and to move to myself. I went on this journey,” he explained. The actor, Breillat and producer Saïd Ben, said that he questioned Saïd about his intention to physical love scenes and how to handle it. “Chats started a long time before … I wanted them to explain what the scenes will contain in a very concrete way. “Catherine drew the scenes, almost shot with a shot, explained exactly what he wanted to show and explained." At the beginning of the press conference, Drucker announced in his speeches about the role that Breillat was brought up as a reference for the expression that Caravaggio wanted Mary Magdalene's estazisi to have Anne when Anne fell for her step son. Actors, Irène Jacob and Jérôme Kircher's son Kircher admitted that the role was nervous about this aspect, but Breillat was meticulous in establishing every love scene with him. “At the beginning, I was a little nervous and I was asking myself how to go, but then I was assured. “He also helped my family recognize Léa, and he is very, very well -intentioned and generous,” he said. Kircher said that he had taken the role of Theo, who was emotionally neglected by his real parents, and found verification and recognition in his relationship with the mother. “For the first time, he is treated as an adult, and that's overwhelming for him,” he said. Last summer, Breillat's first film has been the first film since the weakness abuse played in Toronto in 2013.In 2007, the last submissive in Cannes competition was finally stolen by Sex Is Comedy Is Comedy in 2002 in 2002 in the two weeks of the directors.