If someone knows how to get the right red shadow for black hair, Camille friend. He tried to add color to the hair of the Oscar Candidate Hair Department, which contains his “Black Panther Wakanda Forever”.The action was for Halle Bailey in the “Little Mermaid”. But it was not cheap to do this. The difficulty was to take Disney's most famous red -haired princess Ariel and create a look for Bailey. Bailey, who was doing sports for Long Locs, wanted to remain loyal to his black heritage. And to protect them without a wig, represent the film's first Black Ariel and an important moment for Bailey's identityHeralds. Speaking with Variety, Friend says that Bailey started with the roots. Im I went to meet with Halle's family.“I started to understand who he is and why the natural hair element is important to protect him,” he adds. Both Disney and director Rob Marshall had no problems. When the Friend's approval and when he understood it, he started the creation process. Orum I look at the face shape, skin tone and eye color. And what color will be the color." The friend was determined not to cut Bailey's natural hair or use wigs. Im I knew that a wig wouldn't work, or he says. Friend's dilemma was the appearance of an iconic red -haired princess without cutting Bailey's places.And put him in a wig would look crazy." He went back to play with red. “If we take the hair around their places, we don't have to cut them and we don't have to color them. We can change the color without changing the hair structure. 30 -inch long hair special colored and fused with keratin tips.“I don't guess, but we probably spent at least $ 150,000 because we had to do it again and remove it. You couldn't use it and we would have to start again. This was a process." After understanding this, he had to deal with the water element. “Locs does not swim,” says friend. And Ariel is underwater. Halle Bailey, as Ariel in the "Little Mermaid" When Ariel loses his voice and transition to a person, friend wanted to show Ariel's fragility by gently changing his hair. The hair pieces were flattened with a light beach wave. As for Ariel's hair when he came out of the water, the friend was not ready for it - Covid and timing conflicts prevented him from completing the film.. " Gotopnews.com