Now he divided the viral video with many people. An old video of a make -up artist who transforms himself into a basketball legend Kobe Bryant is doing tours on the internet again.With this, the action calls not only when making up, but also a racist and painful history. The video was shared by an account with fbgswiper Handle on Twitter. In short clip, the woman is seen using a prosthesis in her nose and then applies makeup layers to her skin.According to the users at the TAWITTER, this is not an imitation but a praise of the basketball player. The video has divided the internet since it was shared. "This is the next level racism," he said. "Very disrespectful," another person said. A third person said, "They call it blackface because it is literally black face."Said. However, some people gave a different idea about their makeup skills. "I see this talented make -up artist ... We have to stop. Good job," a person said. "I just feel like you're exhibiting the ability of makeup art. Blackface is really an access here ..." another user said. Another, "literally black face, but it was not made to humiliate, scribble or remove humanity. In my opinion, this Kobe is in the honor of Bryant. Context is important." Click for more trend news