According to the results of a study Cardiac Failure Journal, sudden cardiac rates of patients with heart failure are lower than expected. Between 2001-2021, HF, which was presented in Pujol, the Hospital Universitarian German trial in Spain, and all outpatient patients were included in this Mediterranean HF cohort. The average age of patients was 66.9 , 70.6% was male, 98.8% were white, the most common HF etiology ischemic heart disease , the median HF duration was 7.-47) months and left ventricular ejection fraction was 36.4% . A total of 1421 patients survived until the end of the follow -up. Those who stayed in the life were younger , less white , less ischemic heart disease , a shorter HF duration , higher Lvef and less comorbidity than those who do not survive. Among the patients who did not survive there was SCD in 184.SCD cohort was younger , more men , more ischemic heart disease , Low Lvef and more were smokers compared to patients who of something other than SCD. Relevant content “The differences in the SCD group of SPRM's derivative cohort, and this multidisciplinary HF Kohortu, the observed SCD may have a lower predicted effect. The observed general SCD ratio was 15.6% in patients with 1.4% annually, 0.7% annually in patients with EP EF with reduced EF by 0.7% annually and 7.1% in patients with EF. In all cases, the estimated SCD ratio was higher than observed . When the appropriate shocks were classified as SCD, the SCD ratio rose to 19.5%, which was lower than the estimation, including appropriate shocks .. In general, SPRM performed a weak performance with a significant HOSmer-Meshow test result .Or by using guidance criteria for II, it performed better than the estimates . Since the majority of the cohort has a decreased HF, this work may be limited. “The HF managed in a multidisciplinary HF clinic and a Mediterranean outpatient treatment cohort was more than 20 years of SCD ratio, the risk that was foreseen, the risk of ischemic etiology, acceptance time and existence was significantly lower than the SPRM.Work writers. “Differences in the SCD group of SPRM's derivative cohort and this multidisciplinary HF Kohortu may have a lower effect than the observed SCD.” Explanation: For more than one author has announced a link with industry. For the full list of exposing, please see the original article.