The show was full of innovation and human bodies at the Ourcrow Global Investter Summit, which was sold on Wednesday.They had to carefully choose their routes between entrepreneurs and managers and industry experts. While the past peaks were strictly filled by the demonstrations of fascinating technologies and the latest innovations, this event, which pointed out the 10th anniversary of the summit, was accused of excitement especially by the latest groundbreaking developments in AI technology. It is obvious that AI, who was involved in cabins from Booth, came to the fore in the modern high -tech landscape. And a term on the lips of everyone was a “sustainability” which became a critical issue among the best thinkers of the innovation industry because global attention to climate technology has gradually came to the forefront in recent years.. Continuous attention of sustainability The idea of beginners and the ability to encourage global sustainability were very careful. Artificial Intelligence Bluegreen Water Technologies, such a company, uses water as a driving engine behind innovative carbon capture and lifting technology. Until today, water -based carbon lifting technology not only succeeded in removing 3.3 million tons of carbon, but also rehabilitated all water systems, biological diversity, biological diversityHe introduced it to the lakes and the oceans again and was able to support their lives and livelihoods that are equally important. Cameron Jones, Founder and COO of Canadian afforestation company Flash Forest, focused on the company's plan to renovate tree populations in North America. Frash Flash Forest for the next two months will sew more than a million trees in the remote forests in North America. We will break some world records for the number of trees erected by the drone, and we will redefine how the afforestation was made in the next century. ” As an example of the focus of the event on sustainability, Ourcrowd established a partnership with plastic alternative manufacturer UBQ materials producing recyclastic thermoplastic pellets from organic and inorganic home waste that can be used to produce a number of durable products later.Israel's official COP27 climate-Tech delegation, which came to the UN Climate Conference, has become a flagship for its sustainability. UBQ materials presented the sustainable plastic substitution used among industries, including automotive as part of the Honda Xcelerator stand. Tato Bigio, the founding partner of UBQ Materials, said, “Companies such as Honda, companies with carbon neutrality or zero environmental impact mission represent the change we see in all industries, prioritize the planet with snow”.It becomes the standard of the industry. ” AI spends the day in the sun Artificial intelligence apparently became a basis for the DNA of all other Israeli Hi-Tech, and the show at the summit of Ourcrowd was no different.He wasn't in a supply. In an interview with the Jerusalem mail, Ourcrowd CEO Jon Medved, Great potential and rapid development tempo, now directed by the Hi-Tech's popularity of the forest fire of the AI. “We have more than 50 AI companies that we have invested in our portfolio. We will affect everything, really affect everything.“ “We have AG-Tech and Insurance-Technology, Automotive and Mobility and all kinds of health service applications." Medved, the current generation AI Tech, the moment of breakthrough, AI -supported chat engine in the form of chatgpt, the entry to consumers, he said. “In fact, it approaches the level of hysteria related to chatgpt and affects everything. Initially, people thought that it was only for students and people who wanted to plague. Now you can use the board of directors in a legal bar exam.You can write code on it. This productive AI concept is absolutely great. ” “When we look at all the wonderful, wonderful things that occur in the world of technology, I do not think that nothing is approaching the importance of AI.”