Recently, according to new data obtained by a religious activist group, more and less Jewish Israelis are marrying Rabbinat than new data accusing the tendency to reduce confidence in the institution. In 2022, despite the fact that Israel's Jewish population grew by 20 percent in the intervening years, approximately 38,900 couples recorded marriage through Chief Rabbinat, which is the same number in 2011.Liberal Orthodox Tzohar or Ultra Orthodox Special Rabbi Court except for a recognized organization. The figures were published by the ITIM Religious Defense Group, which obtained them with the demand of freedom of knowledge. “The trend is open. A recent survey conducted by the Israeli Institute of Democracy said that only 30% of the Jewish Israelis have a significant trust in the Chief Rabbinat. Further than 10% among the self -defining secular Jews representing 41% of the Jewish population of Israel,He says that they trust the chef Rabbinat, the lowest rating so far. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions “The current behavior of the Chief Rabbinat takes the Jews away from Judaism and damages the Jewish character of the state. In 2011, 38,936 Jewish couples registered through Rabbinat from the total Jewish population of approximately 5.9 million people, in.2022, when the Jewish population of Israel was about 7.1 million or 22% higher than 2011, a little less double - 38.885 - RabbinatSavedly recorded. Farber, Rabbinat marriage rates at least some of the decline in Israeli society, less people marry or at least in the same gender, such as recognized for the recognized forms, such as a general tendency accepted. Advertising “Yes, these people never get married, which is an interesting phenomenon that needs to be discovered. But some of them only forget, we are not interested in getting married in Rabbinat,” he said. The Central Statistics Office found an increasing tendency of Israeli couples living together without getting married. Farber usually fights on behalf of the Israelites who face significant difficulties in cope with the institution, perhaps the most important thing, Jews and Israelis, who are exposed to the invading investigations of Jews and Jews, and forced to present documents beyond the documents.