National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir's extremist Otzma Yehudit party continued to lament Thursday at the coalition of which it is a member, over its policies towards the Palestinians. One party member warned of a real threat to the government, advocated a "bottleneck" in East Jerusalem neighborhoods, and repeatedly compared Palestinians to Nazis. On Wednesday, Ben Gvir expressed his disappointment at the right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uprooting trees illegally planted by a settler near Shiloh in the West Bank. He said the policy "cannot continue" and also denounced an incident in which his party MK Limor Son Har-Melech said he was sexually assaulted by a police officer. Otzma Yehudit MP Almog Cohen told Radio 103FM on Thursday that Ben Gvir's threat to the coalition's continued cohesion is "serious". “We joined the government with the promise of a completely right-wing government, and this policy cannot continue. "If we don't get the relevant tools to ensure personal safety, we won't be part of the mission," he said. "We don't prefer a left-wing government scenario, but... we're here to make a change, not find lucrative jobs." Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Get the email By signing up, you agree to the terms On Wednesday, when Cohen interviewed Kan public broadcaster about the incident in the Shiloh settlement, he casually used the term "Palestinian villages" when referring to Palestinian towns in the area. "Had I known there was [uprooting the tree] I would have been there myself and protested selective enforcement," Cohen said. "It's important to understand, this is a residential area between the many Palestinianazi villages that came there and took the land." א פקח פקח בש שמפנ שמפנ שמפנ י כבד כבד כבד פ פ פ פ פ פ פ פ פ בנ בנ בנ בנ בנ בנ בנ בנ פ פ פ פ פ פ ל לפנ לפנ לפנ לפנ לפנ ל לא י ייתכן שבמדינת ישראל יהיה חוק אחד ל ליהודים וחוק אחר למוסלמים. Advertisement - Danny Danon ????????? דני דנון February 15, 2023 When interviewers asked him why he used the term and whether he likened the inhabitants of these towns to Nazis, Cohen doubled down on the comparison. “Right now, Palestinians are trying to convert to Nazism, to Jews. "There's a Nazi culture there," he said. When one of the interviewees stated that the of millions of Jews in the Holocaust, in the case of the Nazis, was systematic and organized, Cohen replied: "Here, too, it is systematic and organized." "So, are all Palestinians Nazis?" asked the incredible interviewer. "No, God forbid, they're not all Nazis," Cohen said. “There is incitement right now - welcome to whoever wants to see it on TikTok - there is Nazi incitement to Jews. Thirteen-year-olds who go out to kill Jews are no different from the Nazis who ed Jews. There is no difference." Advertising In a separate interview with news site Ynet on Thursday, Cohen advocated blocking the TikTok social network for all of East Jerusalem, describing it as "an insane provocation zone that creates the next terrorist." In addition, Cohen said, Israel must "put a pincer around neighborhoods – intense activity every night and isolating [prone to producing offensive] neighborhoods." With current government policy, "we are getting a different product than what was promised - rockets and terrorist attacks [from Gaza]. The response to the attacks should be much more overwhelming and decisive." On Wednesday, party leader Ben Gvir launched an attack on the Netanyahu government, saying: "We have joined the government on the basis of the commitment that it will be a purely right-wing government, and this policy cannot continue." ח"כ לור סון ה מלך ל ל kereneubach: ה י ת כאן ק פ פ פ חס ז˙, כאן ת net מ חס ז˙, ה fi fi ס ת לצאת fi חס ז shrank, ה חס ת shrank, 15, ה ת ת פ פג מ מ 15uary לצאת פג מ מ ת ש ש פ פ כשנ 15, פג quot מ ש ש ש כשנ כשנ ת ת ת פ כשנ כשנ כשנ ת ת לצאת מ חס ת ז net, לצאת מ חס , פג חס ז getting smaller "Serious incidents have taken place in Shiloh, including a shocking attack on my friend Limor Son Har-Melech," the far-right minister said in a video he shared on social media . did). carrying out his orders). “An all right-wing government should not shy away from demolishing Khan al-Ahmar out of diplomatic considerations, or touching [illegally constructed] buildings in East Jerusalem for one or another policy concern. "A purely right-wing government cannot be one that is strong only against Jews," said Ben Gvir. Advertising Last week, the government delayed the evacuation of the illegally built West Bank Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar for the ninth time, despite a 2018 Supreme Court ruling urging the government to implement its own policy and raze the village. The evacuation of the village was repeatedly delayed for four years, largely due to the significant public interest in the event by human rights activists, pro-Palestinian groups and the European Union. Because the displacement of a population under military rule is prohibited under international law, multiple agencies have warned that moving it could constitute a war crime. Ben Gvir also reportedly ed with Netanyahu and police chief Kobi Shabtai on Tuesday over the duo's refusal to demolish structures illegally built by Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Ash Obel and the Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.