Shin Bet's , former former chef Nadav Argaman, made the first known public move on Thursday, when he signed a letter condemning the current government's judicial revision plans. Argaman resigned on October 13, 2021 after serving as a director with positive criticisms since May 2016. The Argaman spokesman refused to comment on why he chose this moment to break public silence, but the letter was not violent criticizing the government's legal organization in revolutionary ways. More than 400 former security officials invite Herzog to take action against the reform The letter from the Israeli Security Commanders , representing more than 400 former senior senior defense agency officials, including former MOSSAD chiefs and best IDF officials, called on President Isaac Herzog to reject the current government to enter the law. Although the president, who signed the invoices by Knesset to the law, is generally accepted as an administrative formality, it is technically Herzog's delaying the law that came into force. President Isaac Herzog speaks about Israel's judicial reform on February 12, 2023 Knesset can also respond by removing the president's signature power. Herzog Herzog himself said that the judicial revision acknowledged that "the damage to the Israeli state as a Jewish and democratic state" would be a source of "crying for generations" in despair of Israel. Among the other senior officials who signed the letter, former Mossad chiefs, Pardo and Danny Yatom, former Police Chief Shlomo Ahronishki, former IDF Intelligence Chief Ahaaron Zeevi Difference, former Shin Bet Chief Ami Ayon, former National Security Council Chief Uzi Arad and CIS Director and Idf PresidentMatan Vilnai. At the beginning of this week, 12 former National Security Council chiefs, including the four working for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the last former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, called on Netanyahu to try to delay passing the law and try to make a reconciliation.