Attorney General Gali Bahav-Mira, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu'ya, the agency, including the spyware, including the use of sophisticated monitoring technologies prepared by the Shin Bet law made a change in the last weeks. The planned change will regulate the use of Shin Bet for a long time without a clear approval. Listen: Netanyahu's Corruption case is the real reason for Israel's judicial revision? -: -15 Skıp 15 seconds Jump for 15 seconds 15 jump 15 jump 15 seconds 1 x to change the sound from 1 to 1change Netanyahu, Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Shin Bet Chief Ronen Bar reported to the Court of Justice last week that the Ministry of Justice and Shin Bet plans to approve the last draft of the change at the beginning of March. The State Prosecutor's Office reported to the court as a part of a case against the Civil Rights Association in Israel, and as part of a case to not allow the article on the law on the shin Bahi law, which requires telecommunication providers in Israel to present the information of each conversation. Government lawyers, after the establishment of the current government at the end of last year, the brombays were not changed, but their follow -up. The explanation given to the court is that a comprehensive amendment to Shin Bet's powers, which includes the provisions regulating the powers of the Court, is for the inspection and control of the activities of the Ajajans in these contexts with the legislation regulated by taking into account the technological developments that have taken place since the entry into force of the law." The government added that the bill has been made at the professional level of the bill and the latest changes in the draft memorandum statement and now it continues to get approval for the latest statements ”. Open Gallery View Minister of Justice Yariv Levin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Kneset last week Emil Salman The Shin Bet Law, adopted in 2002, regulates most classified and non -public investigation of Shin Bet. The data collected by telecommunication providers have been stored in a database managed by the agency known as the “vehicle known in the last twenty years. Chapter 11 of the Law indicates that the collected data can only be used with the permission of the agency and only for operational purposes. In his petition to the Supreme Court, the ACRI argues that Chapter 11 is legally defective. The reason for this is that the authority he needs is not clear and detailed enough because the invasion of privacy requires and the powers he has given are wider than the national security needs. Open Gallery View Shin Bet Chief Ronen Bar is a conference in Herzliya in September 2022. Moti Milrod ACRI also argues that the law does not contain open mechanisms that protect the privacy of the affairs of the work, especially those involved in journalists.