A ministry committee is expected to encourage a bill that forbids the publication of people's records without consent to weaken journalism investigations next week. Likud MK and journalist Boaz Bismuth's records of prohibitions were first delivered to Knesset as a change in the 1981 Privacy Protection Law last month.Through the bill, Bısmut is trying to add a release action to the definition of “confidentiality violation”. According to the current law, sensitive information is defined as any information about one personality, private life, health status, financial status, opinions and beliefs. The Committee of the Ministry of Legislation will discuss a bill introduced by Ultra Orthodox MPs from the United Torah Judaism and Shas parties known as the "Choetz Law" in Israel.It will force all kinds of food and coats. Last year, former Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz issued a letter to the Israeli hospitals to allow Chamanz during FISIH - an action that fired a political crisis in the ruling coalition. The draft is now re -published by the United Torah Judaism MPs Moshe Gafni, Yakov Asher and Yitzhak Pindrus. The statement of the bill says that the status quo to keep Choetz away from hospitals was violated by a high court decision in 2020."The Court has mostly decided that hospitals do not have a legal authority to prohibit Choetz's entry into their places." Open Gallery View United Torah Judaism Deputy Moshe Gafni, last month.Kredi: Ohad Zwigenberg "The meaning of the court decision is that the majority of Israeli citizens who observe the coastal dish during the FISHH will be deprived of medical terms during the holiday." The Committee will also discuss a draft law that will give the religious courts an equal status to civil courts. The movement is governed by Moshe Gafni of the United Torah Judaism and by other deputies of the Ultra Orthodox Shas Party and the consent of the religious courts and the parties.He suggests that he can hear an arbitration. Or administrative. Gotopnews.com