Border police detectives and inspectors from the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority have rescued a lion cub held illegally in a circle in Central Israel on Wednesday after appearing in a series of ticks in recent weeks. It is believed that Lion Cub, which is called “Abu Malek, was traded illegally several times, and was documented in short clips sent to other social networks. Police said that a secret investigation containing “Technological Tools and Advanced Investigation Operations lanında was launched soon and the officers raided the apartment in Central Israel, where the animal was held on Wednesday evening and detained. Police said CUB was purchased several times by several suspects who had and exchanged ”and that the investigation continued in search of more suspects. Police said that Aslan Yavru was treated by the inspectors of nature and parks and took the veterinary exam. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions The origin of the puppy was immediately unknown. The Deputy Commander of the Southern Region's Border Police Anti -Crime Unit, pioneered the investigation, and RAID said that the detectives watched the animal on social media for several weeks after a few videos of CUB became viral. Advertising After receiving a quality “clue ında in the position of the animal, the unit“ moved ”and raided the secret position in Central Israel, where CUB was held.