Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption hearing continues to run the country no longer shocked the Israelis. But maybe it should be? Haaretz's legal correspondent Yael Freidson has filed the Netanyahu case every day since it started in 2020.In this part of Haarez Weekly, a leader who encounters serious accusations, a leader of the host, is a way to avoid openly conflict of interest, a government that wants to transform the destructive system from a radically. "There are a few ways to affect the course of the hearing of Netanyahu," Freidson explains the atmosphere of court proceedings in Jerusalem, where Netanyahu is not entirely. In Podcast, Judy Maltz, a Haaretz correspondent, shared his experience of covering the mass show last Monday and was flooded in Jerusalem to protest the judicial revision of more than 100,000 Israelis. To get the most important stories from Israel from Israel to your box directly to your box, learn more about the democratic crisis of Israel and sign up for our daily bulletin Haaretz.