The new government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has still appointed the directors of Zero Women's Ministry, a group of NGOs, which consist of three women's rights, gave a petition to the Supreme Court to manage the filling of the filling of women with women's appointments. So far, from a total of 31 empty positions, the government has appointed 23 general managers, all male. The petition opened jointly by the Israeli Women's Network Na’amat and Forum Dvorah on Thursday, asked the court to enter the court and to fill the remaining eight empty positions by women. He also said that in line with the 1951 Women's Rights Law, which necessitates the equality between the genders in civil institutions, the Court should work to ensure that half of the ministerial principals are women. According to the Israeli Women's Network, if the current trend continues, this government will have the representation of the lowest female managers who have only one female appointment since 2001. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions Ron Dermer, Minister of Strategic Affairs, said that although not officially presented to the Ministry, Facebook will look at Israeli Public Policy Director Jordana Cutler. Similarly, Blood Public Publisher reported that Likud continued to appoint Likud as the General Manager of the Ministry of Public Diplomatic, who was accused of opposing the anti -Israeli discourse and boycott campaigns last week. Science and Technology Minister Offer Akunis aimed to appoint an Old Likud MK Osnat Mark as the director of the ministry of the Ministry, but he withdrew his candidacy after the criticism was brought to the agenda due to lack of experience. Advertising From the existing 32 ministers in the government , only six women: Transport Minister Miri Reghev, Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman, Public Diplomatic Minister Dysel Atbaryan, Minister of Intelligence Gilagamliel, Minister of National Duties Orit Strock Orit Strockand Prime Minister's Minister May Golan. The last government had nine women in 27 cabinets.In addition, there were nine ministries director of women during the last coalition-the highest level of all times. The two ultra -orthodox parties in the coalition, Shas and United Torah Judaism, do not have female deputies in their ranks, there are one of the extreme right -wing religious otzma Yehudit. At the beginning of this month, more than a dozen women's organization participated in a protest against the policies of the current government, including the Israeli Women's Network, Wizo and Na’amat in Tel Aviv. In his 2021 study, an increase in the Israeli Institute of Democracy, Knesset and the government corresponded to an increase in the legislation that supports the interests and needs of women. Amy Spiro contributed to this report.