Cnn - Palestinian activist Issa Amro, who was attacked by an Israel Polish on Monday, said CNN was physically and psychologically influenced by the attack and fears of his life. "I'm wounded. I suffer in my arms, on my back and in my leg, and we are psychologically impressed by the consequences of this attack and attack - [National Security Minister Itamar] I am the army that supports Gvir Military, Lynda Kinkade'e Connect the World ''he said. “Now I'm afraid of my life, and I am afraid of the life of people living in the same region from all kinds of revenge from Israeli soldiers," he added. Lawrence Wright, the author of the New York magazine, who was with Amro at the time, released the video of the attack on Twitter. The two IDF soldiers who managed the activist threw him down and kicked him before a soldier was pushed by other troops. In response to CNN's interview with Amro, Israeli Defense Forces International Spokesman Lieutenant Col.Richard Hecht said that the soldier was not a “justification for his behavior, but Amro claimed that he provoked the incident. “There was no reason for the behavior of the soldier.It was handled quickly and aggressively by Yehuda Fuchs. “But I know Issa Amro from my time as a battalion commander - and again, I say that there is no reason for this - but he is always a provocateur.And we took care of him, Hecht said Hecht. Hecht said he was trying to contact Amro to discuss the incident and that a message on Monday shared the screenshot of a message. “With us, me, me, me, me, me, I personally, as we did with Lawrence Wright, who met us. And we told him what we should say, Hecht said Hecht. Attacking Amro in Hebron, Israel was sentenced to 10 days of military imprisonment. Journalist rejects the IDF version of events IDF said on Monday that the soldier was “asking an approaching Palestinian” for his “military mission“ to a military mission ”. “In response, Palestinian soldiers began to record and swear. He followed a short conflict, which soon became a physical conflict that the soldier hit Palestine.” However, Wright rejected the version of the events by saying, “The soldier launched the match, and Amro said,“ He did not curse or intervened. ” Amro said this account to CNN. He said that he was a “typical day for himself: a journalist or an international visitor, especially in different neighborhoods where the Israeli army and the military system implemented the military system. He said that one of the soldiers did not like it and the photographer who accompanied Wright was wiping the images he took around Hebron. “The Israeli army in Hebron is trying to conceal the truth, they are trying to hide what was going on… So the soldier first detained me, threatened me, beat me, beat me and threw me back and hit me again and threatened, although the army was in the video.said. The Palestinian activist said he wanted the soldier to talk to his commander, because he knew he was legally allowed to walk on his own streets and made a film with his camera. US Palestinian Affairs Office Twitter said: uz We condemn the aggression against the attack on civil society and Issa Amro.disproportionate violence anywhere." Amro, who was asked to comment on this statement, told CNN that he thanked the Palestinian Affairs Office, but he wanted the Biden administration to reopen the Palestinian Consulate in East Jerusalem and that the Trump administration would reversed its policies. “Unfortunately, what happened to me happens almost every day, ve he said to the Israeli police that he filed a lot of complaints about soldiers and settlers violence, but he did not receive any account. Orum I want such violence to stop. I want the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US administration to really put high pressure and make the occupation and Apartheid expensive for the Israeli government, ”he continued. "This is a military system, not just about individual soldiers… I want the American administration to target the military system."