The Israeli government responded to a case opened five years ago, where some organizations wanted to change the order of prayer areas on the western wall in Jerusalem. On Wednesday, the state responded to a Supreme Picture of a Supreme Court, which demanded a plan for a Western wall where a North Plaza would leave for Orthodox prayer, and a Southern Plaza where men and women could pray together. The state, the court's western wall policies to intervene and avoid throwing the case, he said. The lawyers told the court to the court, "The position of the Prime Minister, in part of the freedom of worship, such a sensitive and complex issue should be done by the executive body."Said. Firstly in 2017, the petition made by many groups asked reform and conservative movements and wall women to ordered the government to order the plan for South Ezrat Yisrael Plaza. The plan was decided in 2016 after three years of negotiations between Kotel administration and reform and conservative movements and women on the wall.He called for inputs and the commitment of a government organ with commitment to pluralist policies that allow men and women to pray together. This is contrary to the situation in which the entire Kotel region was ruled by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, headed by Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. However, one year after the completion of the plan, Netanyahu announced that he would not establish a separate authority for Ezrat Yisrael Plaza, but the government would continue this.The part of the plaza was closed for security reasons and the government did not take any steps to repair the deficiencies. The petition holders who say that the delays are deliberate, want the people of the two movements to be given the right to pray as they deem appropriate.In recent years, they were subjected to harassment by ultra Orthodox activists who tried to prevent women from reaching the plaza, as well as other things, as well as other things. Since the petition was submitted, a few hearings have been held in front of a expanded panel of seven justice, referring to other reasons for the changes in the coronavirus pandemia and the government. The next hearing is planned on 28 February and previously presented the position of the state. Open Gallery View Israel Supreme Court Wall Women, one of the petitions. In response, the state said that the position of the Prime Minister is to prepare South Plaza as quickly as possible and to leave its management under the authority of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.He said he would apply for a construction permit. Shas Knesset members Michael Malkeli and Uriel Busso proposed a mixed prayer in Kotel and a legislation to prison the dress that suits the sacredness of the earth ”dress. Last week, party leaders said that the Committee of Legislation will discuss the bill, but it was strongly criticized, Netanyahu announced that the proposal would not progress. She said that he was looking for the law because the Supreme Court refused to throw the petition in the Western wall plan so far. In response to the position of the state, the reform movement Israeli Religious Action Center Director Orly Erez-Likhovski said, “Again, the most sacred site of the Jewish people showed the helplessness of serious harm to rights. All non-Orthodox Jews. “Ezrat Yisrael could not reach the stones of the wall for five years and unlike the big budgets of the separated plaza, nothing for the state egalitarian plaza is running.