MUNICH, February 17 - Israel said on Friday to prevent Iran from winning nuclear weapons, "all possible vehicles are on the table, and the international community asked Tehran to do more to stop the proliferation of developed weapons. Negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the world forces have been in a end since September. The Western states accused Iran of making unreasonable demands after seeing an agreement everywhere, but it continued to develop the Iran's nuclear program without any gratitude. The United Nations nuclear guard dog criticized that this month has made a change that was not notified of each other between the two clusters of the uranium that enriched Iran, uranium, close to 60% of the weapon class in the Fordow facility. "When we talk about preventing Iran from earning nuclear weapons, all possible vehicles in the Table - I repeat, we must keep all possible vehicles - when we talk about the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant."He said. YoAV said that despite an embargo on Iran's exports and purchasing of developed military systems until October 2023, Iran has expanded the majority of the forward weapons beyond the region despite an embargo on missiles and restrictions on related technologies. "Iran is currently organizing discussions to sell advanced weapons, including UAVs and PGMs," he said, referring to Belarus and Venezuela, referring to war drones and precise guided ammunitions. "The international community should create an effective alternative to the dying embargo - a practical deterrence and result mechanism."Said. Israel is believed to have its own nuclear arsenal, but none of them will reject it. The 2015 agreement limited Iran's Uranium Enrichment Program in a way that makes it difficult for Tehran to remove nuclear weapons in exchange for the abolition of international sanctions. Iran said it has developed nuclear energy for peaceful reasons. Iran's pressure on protests and the sale of drones to Russia during the war with Ukraine increased tensions with Western powers that said that Tehran had violated the DRONS and the US Security Council decision. The United States and the European Union imposed several sanctions on aircraft transfers to Iran. John Irish; Editing by Angus Macswan Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.