According to a report on Friday, a tanker owned by Israel was targeted by Iranian sea ships and visible suicide plane in the Arab Sea last week. Persian, a US military official and referring to a regional military source, said that the attack on Campo Square contained several Iranian ships and possibly the Shahed 136 drone used by Russia in the occupation of Ukraine. The report said that the attack did not cause significant damage to the Liberian flag ship. According to the , applications showed that Campo Square belongs to the Zodiac Maritime Company of Israeli transportation boss Eyal Offer. The military source said the attack could pointing to the intensification of Iran's threatening actions against transportation in the region ”. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions The source also said that the reporter was carrying out the attack. The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that he was working to clarify the issue and that stressful ships should be allowed to move freely.