As Ramadan Muslim Holy Month continues to shoot, something is clear - both the party, the Israelis and the Palestinians are incredibly cautious On Friday, an armed Palestinian terrorist group Lions called for a “day of anger” and uprisings in East Jerusalem, and hundreds of Grads came together to protest the southern border of Israel. As the residents of East Jerusalem, the city of Flashpoint, continued to build tensions between Israel and Palestinians in the region, the tires burned and declared civil disobedience by blocking the streets and blocking police surveillance cameras. In his testimony, he added: “We have promised to respond to the attacks of the occupation police:“ We are with you, our hearts will fight with you and you will always fight with you ”. Lions is an apolitical group founded by those who established other Palestinian groups to öz fighting Israel ”and“ liberating the homeland.This is not the case. The threats of Friday came after the Israeli forces of online videos show roughly Palestinian children at the Shuafat refugee camp checkpoint when they refused to search. Israel's internal security service Shin Bet warned that Lions should be taken seriously and said that although the threat is relatively uncertain because it was always a tense calm in the region.The consequences of acting according to calls for such uprising can result in measures that are living, so the residents are cautious about how to protest. In the meantime, Ghazans came together hundreds of Israel's border and met with the Palestinian settlement near the security fence and set the tires on fire. Hamas Media Ghazans protested Israel's Palestinian Enclave border. Ramadan Muslim sacred month, especially in Jerusalem continued to shoot tensions. At a meeting held at the beginning of this week, Israel's security institution was not interested in encouraging the calm of the groups in Gaza and what could happen in the coming months. But something remains clear - both sides are incredibly cautious.