The KURSALEM-A Israeli defense company has opened a new facility in the United Arab Emirates and plans to show a high-energy laser weapon to the Idex Conference participants in Abu Dhabi this month. According to the 16 February company news bulletin, even Rafael Advanced Defense Systems President Yoav Har-Baş attended the opening ceremony with Israel and Emirati officials. “We are encouraged with another concrete step to strengthen Rafael's ties with the UAE. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems opens a new facility in the United Arab Emirates The Gulf is a new market for Israel after the Ibrahim agreements, who saw that the Jewish state has developed diplomatic relations with several Arab neighbors. The company will also exhibit the high -energy laser weapon in Idex. The technology designed in Israel increases the abilities of the iron dome air defense system. BAE will take a look at the new laser system for the first time. Last year's reports, the UAE said that Rafael was trying to buy the Spyder air defense system. Seth J. Fondzman, the Defense News is the Israeli correspondent. Since 2010, he has dealt with the conflict in the Middle East since 2010. He has experience covering an international coalition against the Islamic State Group in Iraq and Syria and the Middle East Reporting and Analysis CenterHe is the founding partner and general manager.