On Thursday, Economy Minister Nir Barkat held a meeting with 20 business leaders who expressed concerns about the negative concerns of the government's judicial system of the judicial system. Channel 12, FOX fashion chain CEO CEO Harel Wizel's house, the meeting was attended by Phoenix Holdings Eyal Ben Simon and TNUVA President Haim Gavrieli's CEO Azrieli Group President Danna Azrieli. The group members said that Barkat will be a big capital withdrawal from the country, and he added that Israel's credit rating would be reduced. The coalition, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is forcing the government's control over the judiciary, and the finest mostly forces a dramatic reform package that allows him to invalidate court decisions and give full strength on judicial appointments. Critics say that the revision will abolish the role of the judiciary that controls the power of the majority of power and attack human rights. In addition, the movement of the movement will deterrence and weaken the economy. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions At the meeting with Barkat, a member of Netanyahu's Likud party, one of the participants claimed that even the judicial reform speech was sufficient to influence the economy. According to Channel 12, anonymous manager said, “It is not a coincidence that high -tech companies are not opened here last month”. Even if everyone accepted the need for reform, they explained that the government's rate of passing through the legislation is problematic. Advertising Neden Where are all moderates in Likud? Why aren't their sounds heard?"A member of the group was loved. When it came to a end in the efforts to compromise on the issue, Barkat's crime was reported to have thrown a square to Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition leader who demanded a 60 -day freezing in the legislation on reform to carry out a dialogue. Barkat, a multimillioner businessman, gave confidence in a more worried business sector that judicial reforms would not affect the national economy before, and said to a cyber technology conference: “When I talked to my peers in the world, this issue is not even mentioned.” “Investors from all over the world are interested in the best entrepreneurs, ideas or products and are looking for solutions - Israel will remain as a leader as long as it can achieve it,” he said. However, as the banking tries to protect their reserves in a more uncertain political and economic climate, the banking is estimated that it has moved from Israel in recent weeks in recent weeks. In addition, more than 400 former security guards on Thursday called President Isaac Herzog not to adopt any law that contradicts the basic democratic values of Israel while trying to mediate the government's judicial revision plan. Advertising The letter of the Israeli security group commanders, "hasty legislative steps are a judicial revolution that will cause damage to generations," he said. Among the signatures were former Shin Bet Chief Nadav Argaman, former Mossad directors, Tamir Pardo and Danny Yatom, former police commissioner Shlomo Aharyonishki and former National Security Advisor Uzi Arad. In addition, approximately 550 old marine commandos from the Elite Sharay 13 units of IDF, including many of the former commanders, called Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to oppose the legal jollato on Wednesday. Michael Bachner contributed to this report. Gotopnews.com