Washington [US], February 16: According to new researches published by Oxford University Press in Botanic Annals of Botany, watching nature documentaries increases people's interest in plants and leads to potential botanical and ecology. Approximately 40% of plant species are threatened to extinction. Plants that are not directly useful for people are particularly vulnerable. Many people usually do not realize how important it is because of a cognitive prejudice called 'plant blindness' or 'plant awareness' or 'plant awareness'.While it is generally interested in extinct animals, it is more difficult to recognize and handle threats to plants. For example, in the United States, 57% of the list of plants in the United States, plants take less than 4% of federal funds for extinct species. Also arrowAnimallessness Case: England caught the man while having sex, the court forbids him from going to the animals of the toy. Researchers here, in the past, World II, Blue Planet II, seven worlds and a planet, including several natural historical producers of the audiences more aware of the animals in the shows, said the scientists could not make a clear connection between such TV shows and protection efforts, nature documentariesIt provides a direct way to reach and take care of mass viewers. Here, the researchers have investigated whether nature documentaries can encourage the awareness of the facility, which can ultimately increase the mass participation with mass protection programs.A kind of plant species that emphasized the vegetation from forests, water environments, seasonal soils, deserts and urban areas. The program also examined the dangers of invasive monocultures and non -forest and discussed direct environmental concerns. Also readJammu and Kashmir: Pakistan's leaking proposal in the Kupwara Region, which tries to break peace, says the Indian army. Researchers measured whether Green Planet was interested in plants by discovering the online behavior of people during the publication. Firstly, they noted that the show and each of them appeared on the screen.And then it was published. The researchers here had a significant impact on Green Planet's awareness and interest of the audience on the depicted plant species. Approximately 28.1% of the search terms representing the facilities specified in the documentary in the UK is measured by the relevant department in the UK measured using Google Trends.Wikipedia data showed this. Almost one -third of the wikipedia data showed increasing visits after the publication in Green Planet.He states that it is more likely to make online search. "I think the increasing awareness of the awareness of the public facilities is important and fascinating," said Joanna Kacprzyk, the chief author of the article, "In this study, we show that nature documentaries can increase the awareness of plant awareness between the audience.The transmitter plant can be used to resist the loss of biodiversity. " Gotopnews.com