Local Agerpres, Romania's best athlete David Popovici'nin 2022 Len Awards reported that Europe was chosen as the best male swimmer.Thomas Ceccon . “David Popovici from Romania demanded an overwhelming win between men - Len voters have heavily preferred him, while Hungary's Christopher Milak public chests.WR-Beater also came 1-3 in the ranks.He surprised many people with 100 meters back WR. ” In 2022, Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte was chosen as the best in Europe among female swimmers. Another Romanian Athlete Constantin Popovici was on the top of the chests in the high dive. He received 64.77%of the games, then the other country Catalin Peda and Italian Alessandro de Rose . Public vote counted 30% of the total vote with 70% weight for LEN members and technical committee voting. irina.Maricaromania-insider.com Gotopnews.com