Bayern Munich Frauen had to play Potsdam in Frauen Bundesliga, but he had to be planned again because of a frozen field. Meanwhile, players will go to their international teams during this break and some players play in tournaments.; Potsdam game will now start on February 25. According to Bayern's official website, 18 Frauen players will be internationally on duty. Germany Bayern's German team will play a friendly game against Ireland and Sweden. 1. Carolin Simon 2. Klara Bühl 3. Linda DALLMANN 4. Sydney Lohmann 5. Lea Schüller 6. Lina Magulll England Bayern's British representative, Georgia Stanway, will compete in the Arnold Clark Cup, three Aslan Korea , Italy and Belgium . 7. Georgia Stanway Japan and Brazil Saki Kumagai and Tainara will play each other on February 16 on the first match day of Shebelievescup in the United States.While Japan hosts the United States and then Canada, Brazil confronts the same teams, but in the reverse order, both teams play on 19 and 22 February. 8. Saki Kumagai 9. Tainara Iceland Three Icelandic Bayern player will compete in the Pinatar Cup in Spain. Ibochia , Wales and the Philippines . 10. Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir 11. Karólína lea vilhjálmsdóttir 12. Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir Austria, Croatia and Norway He will play double headlines with the Netherlands ; Finland , Romania and Hungary in the Croatian Cyprus Cup;Norway Tournoi de France and Uruguay , Denmark and France . 13. Sarah Zadrazil 14. Ivana Rudelić 15. Tuva Hansen U19 National Teams Three young national teams are called to the national teams: Franziska Kett and Laura Gloning and Emilie Bragstad for Germany.21) He will play and Bragstad will meet Portugal as a friend. 16. Franziska Kett 17. Laura Gloning 18. Emilie Bragstad