Arsenal may start revenge on Chelsea after missing his agreements for Mykaylo Mudryk, signing the target Denzel Dumfries from Inter Milan. Although the artillery is for a long time connected to Blues, it is reported that they are ready to go back and sign next summer. As Mikel Arteta is flying now, a movement to Emirates could be a more attractive movement to the Dutch. Arsenal’s current backup back Right -right Takehiro Tomiyasu made a catastrophic mistake for Kevin de Bruyne against Manchester City on Wednesday. Now, according to reports from Spain, Arteta can try to strengthen this region next season and Dumfries, according to reports from Spain, are at the top of the Spanish transfer short list. The Netherlands was closely monitored by both Chelsea and Manchester United in the Netherlands in recent months, but Arsenal can now scan both plans. Reports show that the player should produce about £ 53 million from the sales of player in the summer due to Inter's ongoing financial problems - so the Italian giants may be forced to sell some star players. Dumfries definitely fit this category after performing some great performances at Serie A This season, defender Nerazzuri made 19 league matches, scored a goal and made three assists and his team so far helped six clean pages. Arsenal can pass for dumfries in summer In December, Dumfries addressed speculation about his future after scored a goal for the Netherlands in the World Cup in Qatar. 26 -year -old said: “Of course, being linked to Chelsea is a great compliment, but playing for Inter is a great compliment. “Is Chelsea moved in January?" Later, during the Winter window, agent Rafael piment published an update about speculation. “I think Inter [with him] is happy. Today, there are colors of Nerrazzurri in his heart." Despite the open interest on the blue side of London, it is reported that Arsenal wants to make a summer offer for Dumfries, so it will be interesting to see if the competitors have made an offer war with each other. As stated, Arsenal seems to be in the Champions League next season, and it is undisputed for the Dutch as they are still in the title race. However, although the Chelsea Premier League sits in a tenth place that created disappointment, they signed some fantastic players this season and brought Enzo Fernandez and of course the old Arsenal target Mykhaylo Mudryk. Inter probably if he leaves San Siro, he will try to make as much money as possible for Dumfries in the summer. However, he may be weak to prevent the separation of Italian giants due to ongoing financial problems. Read More: As Liverpool, a reliable midfielder who can follow the record crusher is also searching for arsenal.