Football can be much more than a game. Sports surrendered him to the Israeli League from the Hinterland of Nigeria and now played the leading role in Sporting Kansas City, where he carries the 2022 score graph to the summit and therefore, although he came to the middle of the summer, half of his colleagues.He and his new plum Thommy saved more or less the brutal season of the SKC to that point, and in 2023, Children's dramatic return optimism at Mercy Park fueled optimism. A jump of faith Agadada was 17 years old in the spring of 2017 and completed his education while playing at the second stage Mighty Jets FC. He spent his education in a dormitory provided by the club in Jos, about 80 miles away from his home in Northern Nigeria, where he visited his family on weekends.Willy, who was a solid player in his own youth, was directed by his father Pius, for a base set called Red Scorpions, he did it as a child in dusty dirt fields. But the next step was the most difficult. Like millions of enthusiastic players throughout Africa, despite the humble vehicles, he followed the dream of a professional career long shot. Hungry for the firsat, exhausted, sacrifices, instability, 12 -hour days, many deception artists hunting these hopes are cautious. A friend named Aruna asked Willy to label with him to join a hearing event in the country's political capital Abuja, a scout had landed from abroad and hunted for jewels. “You always have reconnaissance programs.One day he said, “Brother, let's go and have fun."Said. But Aghaja was a long bus ride in the southwest of Jos, and he would have to squeeze this experiment to Mighty Jets, the primary source of income, without going back late, but these fees could be humble. “I want my brother, I want to go home. Do you know how many discovery program I went to? Im I went to many reconnaissance programs and I really didn't care anymore, ı he added. “I was there intentionally there because of my friend, because I don't want to disappoint him." This special talent evaluator came from Israel and agada's skills and dynamism caught his eye. Can he come back for a longer appearance and allow the scout to record some more videos for the evaluation?