#22: Joey Logano, Team Penske, Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang Nkp Last year's Nascar Cup series champion Joey Logano will start in Row 2 in the 65th run of the Daytona 500 next Sunday. Logano won the big race once in 2015.However, he does not look forward to his last round and is called a debris..The mentality and these days as close as cars, we will finally collapse, this will be. I hope you will be at the right point." In fact, in the last years, the “big ones” occurs in the last few rounds in Daytona. Sarcing day's races and other things for their thoughts about motor sports, we have already caught 32 -year -old Logano. Jim Clash: You won two trophy championships last year and 2018 and in 2015, you won the Daytona 500.Which is the most special? Joey Logano: Championships, for more than one reasons when you win 500, this is a wonderful, iconic race. You want the cup to be very bad. But you do not have time to enjoy it because you need to compete next weekend.Bir championship takes the whole season..ü drowning.But probably not all drivers feel like that. Conflict: In the last race, the Busch Light conflict in Collliseum, Kyle Busch had an event. Logano: I was just competing. I sent a little too hard on the bottom, the tires were not as much as the temperature. I made a mistake and I entered Kyle.I respect. Conflict: You are known as “sliced bread ında in the race community. Where did this name come from? Logano: To be honest, it was a joke between me and my friends when we were 16 years old. I say that I was called much worse, so I'm just going with him. #22: Joey Logano, Team Penske, Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang Nkp Conflict: Why are you afraid and how do you deal with fear? Logano: I'm afraid to lose. Clash: You took Roger Penske for a long time. Logano: Son, there is a loaded question [laughs] .To winner, isn't it? No no matter what he does, he will find a way to win - the race, the work.This expectation does not expect excellence from the employees around him. This is known without everyone in our race team. A great leader is the leader who leads as an example and this is Roger. Clash: Did you think you'd earn $ 9 million a year when you start competing as a child? Logano: A great career. I wanted to drive racing cars. As you said, there are many benefits that come with him.This weekend in Daytona and other races in this series. I did not do it for the money. #22: Joey Logano, Team Penske, Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang Nkp Clash: Is there a question I don't want to answer? Logano: To expand the last question, Racing offers the opportunity to touch the lives of people who are a platform God given me.I have the stage, we can impress many people. We can help many protective children, the Joey Logano Foundation, let's handle the Foundation.Good stories are never said, aren't they? But there's a tone. Gotopnews.com